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Clue Board Game | Illustration

I created a new design for the classic mystery game Clue or Cluedo, as a personal project. Its name is Galaxy Wars, and it has the same rules that the original game has, but the story changes:

"Our galaxy is in danger!

The ruler of our galaxy has been informed about a plan to exterminate all inhabitant life on every planet of the Milky Way. At the moment, the information available to the government is very limited: it is only known that a leader of our neighbor galaxy RX plans to conquer the solar system. Therefore, the government has brought together the leaders of the only 6 planets with intelligent life of RX. However, they need the help of the smartest detectives to uncover the plot: Who tries to destroy our galaxy? What deadly weapon is he or she planning to use? And on what planet does she or he plan to start the invasion?"

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